Rent-a-Car in Mykonos & Paros Islands

ICAR is the leading luxury car rental in Mykonos Island, Greece, operating for more than 25 years in the Mykonos market, having gained valuable experience through the years in demanding customer service, and the provision of high-standard vehicles and cars in Mykonos.

ICAR luxury car rental on Mykonos Island offers a wide range of car models and car sizes to fulfill all customer needs. The average age of the cars is below six months, which is constantly maintained and always checked before every car rental, making ICAR a top choice among luxurious car rental agencies in Mykonos and a quality choice for clients. ICAR luxury car rental in Mykonos is distinguished for its quality and value.

We are now expanding our fleet to nearby Paros Island, where you can continue to enjoy our premium services!

Our unique advantage is that when you rent our cars, you are not limited to their use on the specific island.

You can pick up your car on Mykonos island, and continue your vacation with the same vehicle on Paros island, and vice versa!

ICAR Rent-a-Car Advantages

The wide range of the car fleet that suits all the needs of Mykonos or Paros visitors makes ICAR Rent-a-Car, one of the best options for car rental in Mykonos or Paros, Greece. Offering small and economical city cars or luxurious SUVs, sport cabrio cars, and lifestyle cars, ICAR Rent-a-Car covers every taste for renting a car in Mykonos and in Paros.

The professional services provided, along with competitive prices and the long management experience, ensure a safe and carefree holiday! Added value services include private parking in Mykonos Town and free pick up and drop off at any point of Mykonos or Paros island, distinguishing ICAR from other Rent-a-Car companies.