The all-electric BMW i3 is the world’s first series-production model to be designed for sustainability at every stage, from the development of the car to its production and everyday use. As an all-electric car, it generates zero emissions and no odours at the point of use – which makes it the perfect companion around town. But the BMW i3 is not just a green car. With its agility and acceleration – it takes just 7.2 seconds to sprint from 0-100 km/h – first and foremost it delivers exceptional driving pleasure. To move off from a standstill, just dip the accelerator gently and the BMW i3 will accelerate powerfully and almost silently.


Experience unadulterated electric driving pleasure: The innovative BMW eDrive gets you to your destination dynamically and emission-free. The BMW i3 simply glides along near-silently, guaranteeing an extremely relaxing drive.
In the BMW i3, you drive further than you think. On average, most people drive between 35 and 50 kilometres per day. So in normal everyday situations, the purely electric range of the BMW i3 of up to 160 kilometres is perfectly adequate.
Whether at home or on the road, whether with the standard charging cable, the BMW i Wallbox or at a public charging station: Thanks to its innovative charging concept, you can “refill” the BMW i3 within just a few hours. For simple and comfortable electromobility – anytime and anywhere.
The BMW i3 impresses with its overall sustainability concept. The vehicle not only drives with no local emissions, its entire production and life cycles are also geared to sustainability from the word go – from the use of renewable materials as well as renewable energy during production through to outstanding recyclability.