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the only car rental company in Mykonos with electric cars
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ICAR is the leading brand for car rental in Mykonos Island Greece, operating for more than 25 years with valuable experience in demanding customer service and high quality brand new mid & up-scale fleet, exceeding clients’ expectations.
We care about the details
Rent a car in Mykonos without concerns about important vehicle extras and small details that make the difference. We guarantee for the proper maintenance up to the detail and for reliable luxury car rental in Mykonos.
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Our promise for renting brand new luxurious SUVs & cars on Mykonos Island, combined by high standard customer service from the first until the last moment of our interaction, will be delivered to you.
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Bestsellers Ranging from compact city cars and flashy cabrios to adventure SUV cars, ICAR -mykonos rent a car- bestsellers per category are:
- Smart Car, the ultimate mini selection available also in cabrio edition
- Mini Cooper modern, flashy and convertible!
- JEEP Wrangler, the all time classic off-road selection for adventurous drivers who want to explore every single spot of the island!

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Special Offers Easter Special ! Discount for a 4-day minimum rental.

Email us regarding this offer: info@icar.gr